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ITDA Offers unique set of Services to support our members and to benefit divers and our Industry.

The recreational diving business has since 2009 gone through many changes and this has made our business stronger, we have streamlined our services and cut costs to enable our divers, first-aid graduates and our professionals to benefit from our investment in technology.

Scuba Diving

Training and Certifications to National Federal and International Standards.

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Technical Diving

Training and Certifications to National Federal and International Standards.

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IHMP First-Aid

Training and Certifications to National Federal and International Standards

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Training and Certifications to National Federal and International Standards

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Extended Services for Our Training Partnersitda_host

ITDA Members Services

ITDA Training partners can also enjoy using our web services which are discounted and very high value for money, see: www.itdahost.com

computerWe offer "Hosting Services", dedicated server options, SSL Certifications and much more... Plus custom URL's and DNS Services and site building. SEO Services etc.etc.

For inquires please mail: admin@diveitda.com

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ITDA Service Details


We offer low-cost, high quality web hosting and SEO services from our site at: www.itdahost.com  Please visit the site and look at the packages

For ITDA Training Partners we can offer very good deals on annual web hosting and site building services, plus CRM Customer Relationship Management software and database sharing... Please mail us at: admin@diveitda.com


ITDA offers a full range of Social Networking media developments with; Linkedin - Facebook - Google+ - Instagram and Twiter...

Why not advertise your ITDA Courses and any "Specialist Diving Programs", with dates up to 12 months ahead for FREE!!! If you are a training partner... mail us for details: admin@diveitda.com


Divepro is our unique ITDA Franchise business, offering the diving community an opportunity for Professionals, and training facilities to work with us to develop business.

Why a "Franchise"?  Simple, we have very high standards, 20 years of history and operational in 60+ Countries. So we are offering a part of our business to share in an already successful International business. Therefore it makes total sense to duplicate our success with our training partners... Link to Divepro page


ITDA benefits have three membership levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, plus one exclusive membership level which is by invitation only from ITDA HQ; ITDA Platinum Membership level with lifetime professional membership options. (this level is given for exceptional service and or outstanding contributions to diving or first-aid training)

The FREE Membership Level is OPEN and available to anyone with an ITDA Europe or ITDA Group International or IHMP First Aid or Medical certification issued by ITDA or IHMP since 1998 ETDA European Technical Diving Agency memberships will also be accepted and may be exchanged.

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Our Customers Say

Our Pricing for Partner Training Facilitiesdivepro

ITDA has a very unique and unusual pricing policy and training materials "Value for Money", policies...  Our Pricing policy is simple; We are offering the best of both worlds, training materials and certification fees linked together for e-cards, e-certification and e-training materials... Hi Grade, secure plastic ID cards are also available for a small additional cost.

Income Streams from working with ITDA:

1. Your Training Fees

2. Commisssions/discount on Training Materials Sales (from 5% to 40%)

3. Commisssions/discount on Certification Sales

4. Web marketing sales and support

5. Direct Sales of ITDA Branded Products (Discounts up to 40%)

6. Professional Registrations and share of Renewal Fees


Training Materials Policy. Many of our materials packages are available in three(3) formats:

1. Low cost e-book as secure .PDF  2. e-book and training presention with video clips and 3. Flipbook as HTML5/Flash

ITDA has two (2) options to work with us as a training partner:

1. Divepro Franchise Partner (With annual or pay monthly options, NEW! please see below:   Link to Divepro page

This is the best option as it gives you a greater deal of control over your ITDA Business, with top grade support from ITDA HQ. Excellent commissions! And offers a 1 year, 3 year or up to 5 years franchise options with auto-renewal benefits... From just $25,000 USD for a five year plan, plus 10 student certifications per month, at an average of $35 per student that is a return of $4200 per year... Meaning that your actual cost is just $800 per year! Over 5 years...

2. Sign an annual agreement to use ITDA Training and Certification Materials, plus support, from ITDA HQ.

This option has the same annual and monthly fees as the franchise but without the cost of the franchise, and reduced support and commission structure.



      $45 mo
      • 1 Instructor Registration
      • 1 Diver Cert Free ($25)
      • Renewal Included
      • Tier 1. Commission Band
      • Discounts to 15%
      • E-materials Commissions
      • e-marketing Support
      • e-mail Support


      $ 120 mo
      • 2 Instructor Registrations
      • 4 Divers per Month FREE
      • Tier 3. Commission Band
      • Discounts to 40%
      • 2 Web page updates pm
      • Training Facility Fee
      • 2 Pro Renewals
      • Instructor Training
      • Training Support
      • e-mail Support
      • e-marketing support