for non-DIVERS and Divers

Upgrades for ITDA Divers and Crossover and Upgrade for divers from other agencies.

Why Upgrade your certification?

Simply because the NEW Standards offer a much clearer description of the training and certification for both our Resort Diver and 2**Star diver levels. Also our old "Resort Instructor Program", is now our Scuba Open Water Instructor. See below for more details on how to make your choice!


ITDA have updated the materials e-book and all the Instructor Training materials, plus you can take this opportunity to upgrade to the new level and new standards.

Benefits of Upgrading include:

Membership of ITDA for 1 Year Free with full benefits

Get the latest updated materials and standards

New e-card and / or our secure hard plastic ID card

Update your card photo

Why Instructor Crossover and upgrade

For one very important reason, to save money and offer more!  ITDA has a unique set of of over 60 specialist diver programs and over threeresearch_diver levels' Level 1 Introduct to the specialist area with 1-2 dives and theory study... Level 2. Intermediate level with 2-4 dives and theory study and then our Advanced Specialist Level 3. with 4+ More dives and theory study, assignments and assessment / evaluation by an Advanced Specialist Instructor. Our IHMP First-Aid trainer level is NOW available to our Open Water Instructor levels from March 1st. 2019.

Dive Leadership levels or crossovers may now become IHMP First-Aid, CPR, Oxygen and AED Instructors...

See ITDA Crossovers page Link here!

Upgrade to ITDA Professionals

The ITDA Resort Instructor has been replaced by our "Scuba Open Water Instructor", therefore any interested ITDA Resort Instructors may apply here for the update and upgrade to the New level... With the additional benefit that Scuba Open Water Instructors may now become IHMP First-Aid Trainers... 2 ITDA / IHMP First Aid Trainer Assessor programs are organised for delivery in April and May at our regional office in Malaga... (Low cost air fares from Ryanair between most EU hubs.) Link here to IHMP Trainer Assessor Program.

ITDA Resort Instructor to ITDA Scuba Open Water Instructor Fee includes: Student Updated Training Materials set... and our grade for the ITDA 2**Star Instructor / Cold water... To: ITDA Dry-Suit Specialist Instructor. Low cost upgrades also offer updated student materials, worth $$$$ As e-materials.

Update/Upgrade - Resort Instructor to Scuba Open Water Pro / 2**Star Instructor to Dry-Suit Specialist Instructor.

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