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The ITDA Ntech Program is one of our most popular entry level technical programs as divers from any agency can enter this level for advanced nitrox training and certification with just 30 dives on nitrox experience...

When you have a Scuba Nitrox Certification where do you go next?  Right HERE!

About our Ntech Programntec

ITDA has been running and continously develping this program from 1998 when we first introduced our Ntech Nitrox diver program as an entry level technical certification which would provide an upgrade to sports nitrox divers from any agnecy. 

We offer from 40% mixes, 50% and ven 80%+ as decompression gas for deep diving (NITROX itself is NOT A DEEP DIVING GAS) however using EANX (Enriched Aid Nitrox) can be very benefical for divers diving below 40m/132ft on air...  tech_divers

For Safety reasons we must state here that air is not the best mix for deep diving however the US Navy dives on air, to depths below 60m/200ft.

And many technical agencies train and certify divers to 60m/200ft. using air,  Nitrox or oxygen to 100% as a shallow water decompression gas.  (ALSO PLEASE NOTE USING 100% OXYGEN)  may be lethal at depths below 6m/20ft...

NOTE the best mixed-gas for deeper diving is "Trimix"...   See ITDA Entry Level Trimix.

We highly recomend that all divers at this level get trained and certified in CPR and Oxygen First Aid, in the event of an emergency, you will be prepared and may even save a life!

Oxygen first aid is an excellent program and availble from your ITDA Instructor or Dive centre.

If you are not already trained in CPR please get certified as soon as possible or even as part of this course. 

 See IHMP Oxygen First-Aid Training Link

Training Materials on-line

The unique ITDA Nitrox Diver training materials are available here on-line for a special web price...

The ITDA Nitrox diver materials are great value for money as they cover the materials requirements from Sports Nitrox to Advanced Sports Nitrox, Entry Level Technical Nitrox (Ntech) to Advanced Technical nitrox all from one great 96 page e-book...

PLUS now the certification level your instructor awards you is also included!!!

Purchase this amazing materials trainig package for just $59.99

Value $89.99  ISBN 978-1-63443-476-8

This e-book is available as an instant download with the certification fee already included..

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Iaward_technstructors and diving professionals from other agencies may be certified to train and certify ITDA programs on approval from ITDA HQ or by joining our unique and exclusive "divepro" franchise program.

We are looking for quality professional to join us as training partners... 

See ITDA divepro link here!

Award winning ITDA training and certification programs from industry top professionals...

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