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Training and Certification

To obtain a Technical level certification you will be asked to prove/demonstrate both theory and practical abilities beyond the scope of recreational or Sports diving an Approved level and international standard.

About ITDA Group Technical Divertech_ttech

Our Technical Diver Certification has two award levels...

1. Completion of an Technical Diving Core Program or Course with an ITDA Group authorised Technical Instructor or Higher rating...

2. Meet our very strict experience and pre-qualification for an administrative award of the the ITDA Group Technical Diver Certification.

ITDA Technical Diving programs include:wreck

  • ITDA Ntech Diver (Silver and Gold Levels.)
  • ITDA Decompression Diver
  • ITDA Trimix Diver
  • ITDA Wreck Diver
  • ITDA Side Mount
  • ITDA Cave / ICE (overhead) Diver
  • CCR Rebreather Diver
  • trimix_dive
  • Technical Rescue Diver (having completed Wreck, Cave and Deep Rescue, Search and Recovery, to 40m/132ft and using decompression techniques and procedures.)  All of these above levels are "Technical Diver" ratings.

You will need to clearly demonstrate skills and abilities and experience equal to or higher than any of our core diving technical certification programs as in the list above...

Exceptions would be experienced Salvage and Saturation divers who have or wish to take technical certifications? Commercial and Military divers are both accepted.

ITDA Technical Course Program

ITDA Group Technical Diver Certification

ihmp_medicPre Requisites/Qualifications:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a minimum of 50+ Dives Experience
  • You must have CPR First Aid  or take the IHMP CPR First Aid  Course
  • You will need to be a minimum of Sports Diver (ITDA) or Equal level (Advanced Diver Level most agencies)
  • You will need to be an experienced diver  and any specialist diving certification would be useful

You may now enter the ITDA Group Advanced Technical Diver Certification Program:

Course Program Overview:stop

Core Theory Lessons and Training Sessions

  • Time Scale: 4 to 5 Days
  • Minimum Dives:10 Dives Required (3 per day max)
  • Theory: Decompression and Dive Planning, Gas Management, Equipment Configuration, Rescue and Dive Accident Management - Oxygen First Aid or IHMP Dive Medic.


Dive Training:

  • 2 Warm up dives as assessment and evaluation of diving skills, with problems and safety / rescue drills. Minimum depth 30m.100ft.more
  • 4 Dives with specialist skills or equipment to a depth of  40m/132ft. with deco stops and gas planning and switching, minimum of 2 mixes...
  • 2 Dives below 40m/132ft. (Maximum 50m/165ft)to be planned and agreed by buddy pairs...

Instructor is hands off "Supervision Only".

  • 2 Dives as deep rescue and final skills evaluation and assessment for graduation to ITDA Group International standards...

Note: This truly is a Technical course program and safety has to be our first priority. Divers Must produce a medical Fitness to Dive Statement from a Doctor (Knowledgeable in Hyperbaric Medicine, doctors or Medics may NOT self-certify) prior to receiving any in-water instruction for this level of training. ITDA Group HQ...  Please contact us with any questions or for more information;   



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