ITDA Advanced Technical Diver

Training and Certification

ITDA Advanced Technical Diver is a unqiue training level offering technical divers from any agency the opportunity to crossover and upgrade their skills, training and certification to become ITDA Advanced Technical or Specialist Technical Divers.

What is the ITDA Advanced Technical about?ntech

As the level 3, Advanced Technical Diver name suggests, this is a diver with advanced skills and experience in their "Specialist Diving Area" and it means that they have ungone a very tough training program, requiring the Highest Industry Standards and also exceptional levels of specific dive theory, plus Decompression theory and rescue skills.

Advanced Tech Divers may qualify to upgrade to Technical Dive Leader and may also qualify to take our Entry Level Technical Instructor program and beyond.

tech_chartLevel 1 Technical diver maybe an "Introduction Program", certification course and level 2. is a follow-on progression to greater experience and knowledge. 

Level 3. is the Adanced Technical level and denotes a technical diver with a higher degree of diving skills, knowledge and technical diving experience. 

ITDA Level 3.Advanced Technical diver may qualify for Leadership and Instructor training.

Link to Rebreather Diving SCR CCR

Crossover to ITDA


We can offer Technical Divers from any agency the ability to Crossover and upgrade by taking an ITDA Group Technical Certification Programs and we will do two things for you...

We will offer you up to 20% Discount on your on-line training materials for downloads... Plus... We will issue you with an equal ITDA Level and cross you over for at a 25% Discount for certification. You will also pay for your course program, and pay less for training materials (with Discount) and your upgrade certification...  Many agencies may charge you full fees for your crossover!


 Please email us with any question or to find an ITDA Technical Professional...  

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