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ITDA Standards Other (Federations)

ITDA has an International standards compliance policy with national and federal standards and we both support andaccept standards from industry bodies like CMAS; ITDA has membership with federal bodies associated with CMAS like the SUF Singapore Underwater Federation. SUF(CMAS) Link

Other ITDA Standards links include at present:

UK-HSE - United Kingdom Health & Safety Executive (Standards Approved since 2005)   UK Health and Safety Exec Link

IADP - International Association of Diving Professionals - Membership International Association of Diving Professionals LinkICoD_logo

IDSSC - International Diving Standards Safety Council - International Diving Sandards Safety Council Link

ICoD - International College of Diving - Offering Higher Education in Diving... Link

SUF - Singapore Underwater Federation (CMAS BODY) 

How can your organisation be associated with us?

If you have an industry association or training body, please email us with the details and we will consider the benefits of membership of your organisation or body...