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Training and Certification

Wreck diving is one of the most popular diving activities enjoyed by millions of divers every year in every part of the world and in many different environments. And is covered by ITDA in both Sports Scuba Diving and to higher levels in our Technical Wreck Training and Certifications.

Introduction to Wreck Divingupside for Sports Scuba Divers

What is it about these sunken vessels that make them so interesting to so many different types of divers, is it the mystery of how or why they sunk, or the risk of finding treasure.

Whatever the reasons, we are very pleased to introduce you to an exciting and challenging Diver Training Program from ITDA (International Technical Diving Agency), as one of the top International training and certification agencies for divers in both Sports and Technical Diving worldwide,

We bring you this specialist diver certification training program for divers from any agency and any background. (Previous certification and training maybe credited by your instructor)

About our Wreck Diver Programsdpv_wreck

This training program is divided into modules and each leads to the next stage with a self-study quiz at the end of each module for you to “Test” yourself. This training program is intended ONLY for experienced divers and is available as two certification levels: “ITDA Wreck Diver” and “ITDA Advanced Wreck Diver”, the difference will be determined by two factors.

1. Your current experience level and certification

2. Your ability to complete the Advanced Wreck skills and diver theory quiz (Also available as an ITDA Technical Diver Program) Technical divers may dive below 40m/132ft. and engage in wreck penetration diving, also ITDA Sports Scuab Divers may upgrade to the ITDA Technical Wreck Level...

Who can take this program?wreck2

Any diver(s) from any agency or national federation who meet our pre-requisite standards as in our standards section 1 of our wreck diver manual and work-book.  Any Open Water Diver may take the introduction level as a specialist Scuba certification but are limited to the standards for their certification level. (No Penetration beyond the light zone, and no areas where direct access to the surface is NOT available). These may be included in our technical wreck diver levels.

Why take this Program?

Because the ITDA training and certification is a step above other agency training and has higher safer standards aimed to challenge your skills and develop your diving abilities but in a safe supervised and controlled manner. wreck_bars

Thereby offering both a challenging and rewarding experience that is a safe as possible and also recognising your skills development with a higher level certification grading standard than other agencies.

This unique training and certification program has been designed for both “Sports Divers” and “Technical Divers”, alike with the simple aim of offering a wreck diver training course program that meets and exceeds the growing needs of the current worldwide markets for such training.

With this aim in mind we have produced new standards to incorporate a new multidiscipline approach to our unique certifications available from this training and certification program. i.e. The Inclusion of “Side Mounted Cylinder Skills”, and advanced diving configurations aimed at safer wreck diving. See side mount diving...

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