Environmental Diving (Cold Water)

ITDA Group are one of the few agencies who offer different entry level diver training (No Previous diving experience required) for Cold Water below 15c with dry-suit training, limited visibility and hazards associated with this unique environment, plus decompression theory and CPR Training. Our Club Diver (Dry-Suit) rating is exactly the same standard.  EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2

Dry suit Scuba Diver (Cold Water) dry-suit

ITDA Group International offer flexible training and use of materials options...

Flexible training means offering the student multiple options to complete the theory for the course program. Download for self-study, Classroom with Instructor or On-line with an assigned tutor... The choice is yours!

Note: This ITDA Drysuit Diver program was previously called our 2**Star Diver / Environment Diver Program...

Flexible training materials. The training materials for Drysuit diver may also be used for our Cold Water "Dry Suit" Specialist Diver rating and also in our ICE Diver programs. cold_water


Cold water diving holds some very serious risks including:


 Equipment failure

 Poor/Low Visibility

 Rapid Changing Conditionscold_water

 Frost bite

 Poor fiting wet or dry suits (Seals or zips)

 Lack of awareness


If you are NOT properly trained and prepared you could be risking your life in cold water.

Drysuit Diver Benefits georg_otter

There are many benefits to completing training at this level with us...

Including: ITDA Group Drysuit Divers may dive in resort environments but ITDA Resort or any other agencies Open Water trained divers (Warm Water Diver) should not dive in cold water environments, without the proper training and equipment. As serious injury or death may occur...

We strongly advise Resort or Open Water Divers who trained in resort environments or water above 15c.To take our Drysuit Diver upgrade program...

Drysuit Diver Training Includes:

Four (4) Confined Water Training sessions and Six (6) Open Water Training dives are required under our New Standards.

4 Pool or Confined Water Training Sessions 

6x Open Water Dives with 2 dives to 20m/66ft. In Limited visibility. 

Cold Water Diver Specialist Training in Environmental Hazards:

  • Correct use of a Dry Suit: skills and self rescue drills

Neoprene & Membrane Suits

Under Suits / Woolly Bears

Accidents & Emergencies + Dry Suit Rescue Skills Self and Buddy

Limited Visibility - Includes: Navigation, Natural & Compass Use, Line signals. + Search & Rescue Skills pocket mask

imageVisit our standards page here for this program level... equal to EN/ISO and with additional, theory,training and experience.


From 2016 CPR First Training and "Optional Certification is available from ITDA Entry Leveldiver programs. With an additional requirement by ITDA standards for each and every diver to have a Pocket Mask and to know how to use it correctly... To be used in the "Rescue" parts of the training program.




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