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Side Mount diving is using gas cylinders or even extended gas cylinders (For Technical Diving) instead of the traditional scuba back pack and cylinder or possibly as well as, in the case of Technical diving. The benefits are of course increased air/gas capacity and also balance.

Side Mount Divingtwins

This style of diving is growing in popularity around the world... and most recreational agencies now have programs for it... We offer sidemount as both a Sports Scuba and Technical Diver Certification program.

The ITDA Group Side Mount Diver Training program comes in three levels:

Level 1. Is as an addition module to combine with other certifications, this is a very basic adapted progrm for Sports Divers... And available as a Scuba Certification from ITDA.

Level 2. Is using side mount for deeper diving and the advantages of beig able to carry much more gas... This is an ITDA Technical Certification.

Level 3. As A Technical Specialist program for very specific applications like deep wrecks and of course for "Cave Diving"...Or combined with a cave diving course program.

Side Mount Trainingsidemount

Side mount Training is all about the equipment configuration and your personal comfort.

The type and style of diving you do may also have a contributing factor the the overall configuration of your system.

ITDA Certification Training courses are based on two factors:

1. The Experience Level of the Diver

2. The type and Style of Diving Skills required in Combination Courses

As this training lends itself perfectly as "Combination Course Training", for Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Search & Recovery, Cave Diving and many other applications including Rescue Diving.

We have created the three levels as modules to be included with other programs or as standalone Certifications as Side Mount Diver Level 1. 2. or 3. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced...

Course will vary from 1 day, to three days depending on the combination program or as standalone courses...

tech_diverWho Can Train and Certify?

Training and Certification Qualifications

Any ITDA Specialist Sports or Technical Instructor with the appropriate training, experience and Approval from ITDAsteve_sidemount Group HQ or a Regional Office. Or Instructor from other Agencies who are approved by ITDA Group HQ to train and certify these levels..

NO ITDA Instructors or Others may train or certify these ITDA Group Training levels without HQ or Regional Office approval and Certification to Teach.

About Us

The ITDA are focused on higher quality training and have created a unique assessment and skills evaluation process based on our step system, building student knowledge and skills slowly (At a pace for the student!).

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time... Link to about us page



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