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Our unique ITDA - International Training and Certification Programs were designed and produced for those people who want to learn to dive safely in any environment and who do not want to take up their valuable vacation or holiday time reading books on dive theory and spending hours in the hotel pool playing with scuba equipment... We get you into the water in around 30 minutes or less... And learning skills rapidly...We also offer Club Diving, Cold Water Diving and a full range of Specialist Diving activities. Plus Leadership and Professional Levels...

About ITDA Sports Scuba Diving

ITDA International Technical Diving Agency - Training is unique in the diving industry as we follow the highest industry and International standards, while offering flexibility, more training options and more fun, than many other agencies... We offer much more! Why? ..Because we know you have a choice, So, our top priority is to offer the highest standards, quality of training at the best possible value for money... 

About ITDA Training...

buddy_divingITDA offers three part training and certification with International standards and many national and federal standards exceeded for safety and training. ITDA instructors may also offer IHMP First Aidusb_dvr and Medical Training programs...

 Part 1. Theory and academic study - This part maybe self-study, Instructor led or on-line distance learning with a unique assigned tutor from HQ staff... Our theory programs are also flexible in delivery and costs, from our low-cost "Instant Downloads", and our ebooks and active-presentation with video clips of training skills, to our unique branded pdvr_rollngroduct as USB 4Gb flash drives as a slap strap... Plus we offer for our training partner the ability to offer "Loan Materials" on site so ITDA Diver Students do not have to wait to buy or receive our training materials before taking our training...

Part 2. Practical skills training, diving, rescue and first-aid.  All in-water training is supervised by the highest standard of professional diving educators, who have met our high standards to be certified as ITDA Instructors, Trainers and Course Directors.

Part 3. Assessment of your theory knowledge and evaluation of your practical skills, demonstrating, comfort, confidence and being competent at the level to which you are being certified, not just meeting our standards and training objectives but by showing your instructor or trainer that you are a "Safe Competent Diver", who has earned their certification level...pocket_mask

imageWe also now include at each certification level a FREE CPR training session or if you are CPR qualified than a FREE CPR Review. This offers the valuable opportunity to learn or practice your CPR skills.

Part of our NEW standards includes the requirement for every diver level certification, from Resort Diver upwards to have a Pocket Mask and know how to use it both in and out of the water.

ITDA / IHMP Course Programs Overview

Sports Scuba Diving: From entry level to Professional

Advanced Scuba Diving: From entry level to Professional

Specialist Scuba Diving: From entry level to Professional

Leadership in Diving: From entry level to Professional

Sports Scuba Instructor: From entry level instructor to Course Director/Assessor 

Technical Diving: From entry level to Professional

First-Aid and Medical Training: From CPR First Aid, Basic Life Support, ALST, Oxygen, AED, Hyperbaric to DMT / EMT-P

Occupational & Professional Diving: From entry level to Professional


We are also offering our professionals, additional standards for training and certifying students in: Non-Diving, Swimming and Snorkelling, Water Safety - Aquatic Rescue and BLS Basic Life Support... Allowing our members more flexibility and more opportunities than many other agencies.

cold_waterUnique ITDA Difference from other training agencies...

We have been training Technical and Sports Scuba Divers for over a decade now (12+ Years) and we approach  training in a unique dynamic and educational way...  Focusing on not just meeting standards or learning objectives but producing; Confident, Competent divers with real life skills and a clear understanding of their certification limitations.

Accepting that changing conditions and environments need to be addressed quickly and safely.

This is why we have divided our Sports / Recreational Scuba Programs into three parts: With a minimum required experience level (i.e. Logged Dives), before upgrading to the next level...

1. Entry Level Sports Scuba Certification Programs (Introduction to Scuba / Beginner / Novice... (ITDA Open Water Diver or Club Diver or Dry Suit Diver) i.e. "OPEN WATER DIVER"). No experience required, and Upgrades NOW availble to Advanced Level Diver Level Link Here!

2. Sports Scuba Diving Certifications (Intermediate to Advanced levels). Minimum of 10 Open Water Dives Experience. See our Certifications page link

3. Master Scuba Diver and Leadership level Certification. Minimum of 60+ Dives required to certify at these levels...

The added number of minimum required dives means two very important things:Sports_Diving

  • 1. New divers will be encouraged to gain more diving experience as a "Goal Towards Higher Level Certifications". Making safer more experienced divers!


  • 2. This is good news for the industry and very positive for the divers as everyone wins...

Divers gain more experience and the Industry can benefit from; dive tours, training and equipment sales...

This level is designed to be entered with limited previous experience or as a continuing education program to the Scuba Open Water Diver or Dry Suit Diver program as an upgrade path to greater diving experience and knowledge. 

We now require a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives experience to be certified as an ITDA Sports Diver (Who may dive to a depth of 99ft/30m)... Scuba Open Water Diver is six (6) dives to certify and may dive to a depth of 66ft./20m...

The major difference between our Open Water Diver (6 Dives) and sports diver (10 Dives) is that the Open Water program maybe completed in 2-3 days, with basic dive theory and limited diving skills and experience, whereas our Sport Diver program needs to be 3-4 days to include all of the training from limited previous experience levels... Or 2 to 3 days as an upgrade from Open water diver or from other agencies "Open Water levels"...divers This makes our Open Water Scuba Diver Program a higher standard than most agencies and our Sports Diver level equal to most agencies Advanced Diver level.  Standards EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Sports Scuba Diver Training.  Unsupervised Diver Level...


Upgrades and Step System

ITDA also offers a process for upgrading certifications based on both experience and training with a step system that allows divers to gain credits for prior experience dives even if you were not an ITDA certified diver.

See ITDA Step-System link


Certification Programs