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Training and certification

ITDA Open Water Instructor Program is our industry standard, ITP (Instructor Training Program) this level is designed to offer candidates a step process to higher instructor levels and qualifications through experience and training in as short a timescale as possible... from just 6-7 days...

Why ITDA Open Water Instructor?pro-training

Our unique training standards and the amount of course programs our "Open Water Instructor" Can teach and certify make it equal to or higher than most other agencies entry level Instructor Training Programs...

Including: PADI "OWSI" Open Water Scuba Instructor which normally is almost twice the cost and with many fewer options to teach and certify....

ITDA Open Water Instructor has three ratings included:

  • Open Water Instructor (Certify: Entry Level Scuba / Sports Scuba Programs to Intermediate / Advanced)

  • IHMP First-Aid CPR / Oxygen Instructor

  • Scuba Nitrox Instructor - ITDA Entry level Technical Instructor (Optional upgrade to Ntech Nitrox Instructor)

No other industry standard Instructor training programs offers more...rescue_diving

What Programs can Open Water Instructors train and certify?

All Entry Level Programs / Introduction to Scuba / Day Courses etc.

Scuba Diver and Club Diver

Open Water Scuba Diver - ITDA Club Diver = "Open Water"

Nitrox Scuba Diver (32/36%) and Advanced Nitrox (If qualified?)ihmp_training

Advanced Diver (Intermediate to Advanced Course)

CPR First Aid

IHMP Oxygen First Aid

Limited Specialist Diver Programs at Introduction Level 1. And Specialist level 2. Programs as authorised by HQ to Teach...

Additional Benefits

Step path to upgrade to ITDA Sports Instructor and ITDA Sports Advanced Instructor and Advanced Specialist Instructor levels directly...  Plus Upgrade path to IHMP CPR First-Aid  Instructor Trainer and other IHMP Levels..


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