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An ITDA Advanced Sports Instructor is essentially a "Specialist Instructor" with more experience then a Scuba or Sports Instructor. . .

About ITDA Advanced Sports Scuba Instructorinstructor

Advanced Sports Instructor is a level above our Sports Instructor rating and this means that to become an advanced sports scuba instructor, training skills, dive theory and knowledge, must be above and beyond what is normally required for instructor levels.

And must be demonstrated and proven to an instructor trainer (Assessor) or Course Director who will undertake training as a "Specialist Student" making mistakes and errors and assessing / testing the Advanced Sports Instructor candidates to their limits. Before graduating them as ITDA Advanced Sports Instructors.

advanced_diverHow to become an Advanced Sports Scuba Instructor

ITDA Instructors may qualify to upgrade / become Advanced Instructors by completing "Speciailist Instructor" training with a specailist trainer, Course Director or appointed person from ITDA Group HQ.


Once 5 Specialist Instructor ratings are acheived to level 3 / Advanced level in that Specialisy they may be certified by a specialist Trainer Assessor or Course Director / HQ Staff. As an Advanced Specialist Instructor.

Crossover Instructor and Upgrade

Instructors from other agencies may apply to ITDA HQ for approval to join ITDA as an advanced sports or specialist instructor.

Only if they can clearly prove and demonstrate exceptional skills and abilities in diver training, and have certified a minimum of 50+ Students and have been a certified instructor for over 12 months. 

Technical Instructors may also apply for this status...

ITDA Crossover and Upgrade Link...


Advanced ITDA instructors MUST also have advanced life support, oxygen first-aid and AED First-Aid instructor ratings with IHMP...

Or another First-Aid training body recognised and approved by ITDA/IHMP HQ. Like: Red Cross / DAN / EFR etc.etc.

Or may include these programs with their crossover / upgrade program

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