ITDA Advanced Scuba Diving

And Specialist Diving

ITDA Advanced Scuba Diver and our ITDA Level 1 and 2 Specialist Diver Certificaions, we can now offer our "Unique" Advanced Specialist Certifications, giving specailist divers recognition for their advanced status in theory and diving skills, and greater experience.

About ITDA Advanced Scuba Certificationscave

ITDA Advanced Scuba Certifications are another unique first in our Industry, as most agencies offer only very limited training and certification in advanced diving. This is mainly due to the limited time requirements available and also many agencies folow their "Open Water or Entry Level scuba certification programs with an "Advanced Course".

The ITDA Difference!

We have two very different approaches to Advanced Diving Certifications: 1. We offer like everyone else an "Advanced Scuba Course Program", that may directly follow-on from our Open Water Scuba program and cover three (3) core dives:

1. Bouyancy and Gas Management. 2. Navigation and 3. Deep Diving to a maximum depth of 30m/132ft. Plus two (2) elective dives from our Introduction to specialist diving (Level 1).

After this level our divers may progress with extended theory and additional skills, plus experience dives (from 2 to 4 dives) to our level 2. Intermediate specialist level and then progress directly or after some time (Upgrades are valid up to 2 years from previous certification levels)

The Level 3. Is our advanced specialist diver with 4-6 dives, which means that our advanced specialist divers will have a minimum of 9 to 12 dives. Making them genuinely "Advanced" Divers with a good experience level...

What is the Advanced Specialist Certification?dvr_wreck

This is the highest level of "Specailsit Diver", in the diving industry and requires real advanced experience and knowledge to attain the certification level. Exceeding the highest standards in diving.

This level is unique in scuba-diving as no other agency has this level of requirement for this certification.

Who can take ITDA Advanced Specialist Certification?

Any agency divers with Specialist Diving Interests may apply to be awarded this level based on three factors:

1. Extensive Proven Experience in thier field / Specialist Area
2. Recognition from the Dive Industry or Diving realted historical societies or bodies for outstanding acheivement
3. Over 100 plus logged dives in the specialist area of expertiserecovery

If you want to complete the required course program for certification you must graduate from the ITDA Specialist Diver level 2 in order to be qualified to enter the Adavnced Specailist Diving Program.  Level 1 is an Introduction to the specialist subject and Level 2, is the intermediate level.  Level 3. Advanced


Who may Certify this Advanced Specialist Level Certification?

ITDA Advanced Instructors or Specialist Instructors, may train and certify the Level 1 and Level 2 Specialist Certifications, However the Advanced Specialist / Level 3 Programs may ONLY be certified by ITDA Advanced Specialist Instructors with unique specailist skills, knowledge and experience in the specailist area.

ITDA Specialist Diving Subject Areas / Fields Include:

Because ITDA are also a Technical Training Agency we can offer those scuba divers, who are pre-qualified by; Certification, Training and Experience to "UPGRADE" from our Sports Scuba levels a direct path to our technical levels...

So they do not have to find a another agency or Instructor (As many ITDA Instructors are also technical or may take upgrade professional courses with us to graduate as Technical)

Marine Life - Mammals - Shark Diving (Shark Wrangler) - Marine Biology - Marine Sciences - Research Diving

Wreck Diving - Deep Wrecks (Mixed Gas) - Wreck Diving (CCR Diving) - Ice Wreck Divingrescue

Night Diving - Night Wreck Diving - Limited Visibility - Environmental Diving - Ice Diving

Rebreather Diving - SCR - CCR Rebreather- Mixed Gas CCR - Deep CCR (100m)

UW Photography - UW Digital Photography - UW Video - UW Video Production - UW Film-Making

Historical Diving - UW Archaeology - Geological Interests - Scientific Diving

DPV Diving- DVP Operations and Recovery - Safety Diving and Advanced Rescue and Recovery

More are being added all the time as we get instructors and trainers graduating specialist fields....And our Instructor Authored Programs...


Course content for Advanced Specialist Certifications

Due to the nature of the vast and complex areas of subject matter the ITDA Course Content at this level is mostly determined by the Specialist Instructors and Trainers...

with written assignments and research projects in many areas.  ITDA expects divers at this level to have 100% effective diving skills.


Certification Programs