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Professional Diving covers a very wide spectrum of the diving industry. Any Diver who is paid to work is technically a professional, all instructors, trainers and dive leaders who are active and working are also professional divers, plus of course "Commercial / Occupational Divers".

ITDA Welcomesrescue

Any agency leadership levels; Dive Leaders, Dive Masters, Dive Cons, CMAS 3star Divers, etc. To join our professional diving ranks by taking a course program or in some case a simple upgrade workshop... Instructors from other agencies are also welcome to join us to train and certify ITDA Courses.

We operate a Multi-Agency Policy at all levels, plus our professionals only pay a renewal fee for the highest level held... They may also downgrade and upgrade.  See ITDA Workshops

Instructor Trainingitp

The ITDA Instructor Training Program is our "Flagship" Course, operated in over 20 Countries Worldwide at least 8 times per year.

ITDA HQ are responsible for organising our professional course programs, with our regional partners in:

Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, Dubai, Sharm El Sheikh, Benelux, Canary Islands, Thailand, Cuba, Norway, Poland, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Mexico, Italy and Florida USA.

From our Entry Level Open Water Scuba Instructor level, the ITP (Instructor Training Program) at this level is designed to offer candidates a step process to higher instructor levels and qualifications through experience and training in as short a timescale as possible... from just 5-7 days... New Programs from 2018... Link here to our Instructor Training page

Occupational Diving - Diving At Work - Diving for Workhard_hat

From Cleaning Boats and anti-fouling, to diving for Scallops or using a hard hat and surface air or mixed gas. Public Safety Diving, ROV- UW-Welding, Cutting, Artificial Reef Building.

Many divers with Sports Certifications are actually breaking the law in many Countries as they are not engaged in sports or recreationaluw-welding diving but deemed in some Countries to be "Commercial Diving"... This may seem confusing so we offer a clear definition below.

Any aspect of diving operations not directly associated with recreational diving, as Sports or Technical Diving activities and where divers are paid for services as income or in kind, is generally considered to be "AT WORK" Diving and therefore "Occupational". pro-diving is covered by ITDA Standards...

Link here to ITDA Occupational Diving Page... 




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