ITDA OPportunity

Unique Opportunity to help us

We can offer unique opportunities to work with us as donors to assist us to develop new services and grow in new markets, without being investors and at very low risk to you and to us... We are offering a simple opportunitys to share in our growth and International success by way of donating small sums of money to help to attract new business and develop new markets.

We currently are offering two opportunities, or you may if you so wish "Donate Funds to both offers", it's your choice. Why are we asking for donations and NOT investment? Very simply to keep things on an even keel at these very early stages in the new developments. Donations may be made below in the join us now box and you may give from a minimum of just $10 USD or €10 euros. In blocks of $25, $50, $75 or a maximum of $100 USD. or in Euros €10, €25, €50, €75 to a maximum of €100 euros.

We ask please, that YOU do NOT offer a donation that may cause you any financial hardship now or in the future. Only donate an amount what you can comfortably afford to not miss; i.e. Do NOT use money you need for something else, or your savings (As this is NOT designed as an Investment). We are hoping to be in a position in 12 months or less to pay donations back at a rate of from 8% to 12% including costs... See more below about this unique opportunity to work with us and Thank You for any donation, you are helping us to make diving safer...