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ITDA Pro Membership Directory

Membership of ITDA at a Professional Level is open to all ITDA Certified divers who are working in the diving industry, as construction divers, welders, Public Safety Diving, Research and Scientific Diving and any agency divers who are at leadership level or above. Instructors and above from any agency or federation may join ITDA and gain access.

How to register with us for entrance in our unique directory;


1.  Any and all ITDA Professional divers and leadership / instructors can gain entry by a simple application process and they will enjoy a 70% discount on director membership fees. 


2.   Any professional level divers from leadership and above, and any / all working divers may apply for any of our three levels of membership. 1. Basic Member from just $25.00 USD per year. Level 2. Gold Membership from just $49.00 USD per year. And level 3. Our Platinum Membership from just $99 USD per year… To register just use sign-up link here to page...


Benefits of our Directory Membership include:

Basic Membership: Membership at this level offers registration in one directory category with name, email and website or blog. With access to two (x2) marketing campaigns per year.  To register just use sign-up link here to page...


Gold Membership:  This level of membership offers registration in two directory categories with. name, email and website or blog. Plus, a bio with certification or diploma confirmation service, also professional membership of the ITDA Dive Academy and 3 marketing promotions per year. To register just use sign-up link here to page...


Platinum Membership: Offers all of Gold Membership, plus registration in x3 categories…  and 4 marketing promotions per year. To register just use sign-up link here to page...

academyEducation Services

Industry Certification Exchange

Exchange your existing certification for a qualification in Diving, which takes into account not just your industry certification but also your diving experience to exchange for learning credits and future upgrades.

Certificate and Diploma in Diving

diversWe can also offer both our exchange system and online / distance learning courses for both Certificate in Diving and Diploma, plus options for Instructors and trainers to get our Dip.Ed. Diving based on industry certification and actual experience in training divers.

Higher Education & Degree Programs

ITDA Academy are also offering “Professional Divers”, Occupational and Commercial / Research & Scientific / Public Safety Divers, access to our Diploma and Degree level programs and our Certificate exchange systems. Courses...

Overview of Programs

Academic Recognition for your level

We can look at your existing certification from any agency and from anywhere in the world.  We can then offer you an academic equivalent level based on your certification and diving experience, or we can offer an upgrade course program.

Certification in Diving Education

Diving Professionals from Leadership levels and certified by any agency may apply to us for an equal academic level. With our unique Certification in Diving Education or a Diploma based on your certification and actual dive experience.

Diploma and Higher Education in Diving

ITDA Academy can also offer Diploma and Degree equal levels based on current academic requirements for study time and practical experience, plus we can also offer upgrades to take additional courses to get you to higher levels.


Benefits to Divers and Instructors

The main benefits to divers is obviously the additional recognition that comes from an academic qualification, over just an industry one and a unified standard worldwide for your level.

Benefits to diving professionals include; A global recognition of a standardized education regardless of which agency you are certified with! Plus, the benefits of higher education upgrades.

Benefits to Dive Centres

Diver training facilities will also benefit from being able to offer our unique exchange program and diploma in diving for practical assessments required by our standards.

How to use our system?

Process for Simple Exchange of Certification

We know you are limited for time in this busy modern world, so we have simplified the application process to just two levels;

1. Simply a direct exchange for your certification to our equal academic level based on your study hours and dive experience.

2. You can take additional classes or online quizzes to gain our diploma in diving level (Physics, Physiology, Dive Safety) and of course we give you credits for your experience.

“The idea of a simple clear and easy process to exchange or upgrade.” Great!

Process for Application of our Diploma?

If you are looking for a higher level of recognition for your diving qualification or looking at professional levels, then our “Diploma in Diving” is just right for you.

The process is simple and easy and great value for money. You need only to demonstrate / prove the following:

·      Diving Experience to advanced or specialist level with rescue

·      Take or Demonstrate (Advanced Theory) Physics & Physiology

·      You may pre-qualify if you are a Professional with 2 years+

Additionally, you could include a bulleted list of products, services, or major benefits of working with your company. Or just summarize your finer points in a few concise paragraphs.  Email

NEW see also ITDA Donations Opportunity Page link here!