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Marketing ITDA could not be easier, you may understand something about selling or marketing but we help you every step of the way, with support and assistance from our training programs and materials, to social media, dive shows and web support, plus tips and hints from our successful partners.

About Sales and Marketingmarketing

sasuageThere are just two very important elements to selling anything: the first is "SELL THE SIZZLE NOT THE SUSAGE". This simply means that you need to focus on what the needs / requirements of your potential customers are.  NOT pushing what you have to offer... Selling is all about meeting needs and NOT merely telling or showing prospective divers what you can offer them! More importantly it is about finding out what they want? (Remember not all selling is about the lowest price, it is about VALUE FOR MONEY and preceptions)

The 2nd point is about understanding USP's... *Unique Selling Points". This is a process whereby you understand the difference between what you can offer and what your competitors can offer, By clearing explaining what the differences are about your business or services or products, from those selling or marketing something that looks or feels similar.


How do we understand what the customer wants?

customerFor example if someone walks into your training facility, you should NOT assume you know what they want, rather you should talk to them about their aspirations, what would they like? Is great opening question and should lead to a clue about what they maybe interested in?

Be very carefull to listen to them and NOT to be side tracked by their response. For example you may belive that if someone says they want to do a PADI Program or similar, then that is what they really want. (many times they will not know or understand even what they mean) but they have heard about PADI and or they know someone or a family member who is a diver and they have a certification... After they have finished talking, ask them about what they want to do? And ask them if they know that there are very many choices to become certified as a diver or advanced diver etc. etc.

The ITDA Difference, what is our USP?usp

At ITDA we have some very simple USP's, the first and most important is: What is the difference between ITDA and other agencies? and the answer may surprise you. 

ITDA is very different from other agencies as we offer a wider range of choice in getter into the water as fast and as safely as possible with our: Day Courses - Entry Level Diver - SSE Snorkel and Scuba Experience and our Introduction to Scuba Diving Program. NOTE: All of these offer a Certification and an option to upgrade within 2 years to our full Open Water Diver Certification...  Many other agencies offer experience programs but they are "Dead Money" as there is no recognition as a certification or later upgrade path...

One of our other major ITDA USP's, is our training philosophy, based on the three C's, Comfort, Confidence and Competance. Which means that we do not just train you to a basic standard we offer you, more theory, more training skills and more actual dives. For example most agencies only offer 4 Open Water Dives in their open water courses, ITDA offer a minimum of 6 Dives and with more skills...best_offers

How to take advantage of ITDA USP's

We simply suggest that you explain the difference between ITDA and "*******" Other agency, using just these two USP options plus of course the addition benefits of working with ITDA. As USP's may have little or no actual value unless the prospective customer fully understands the benefits that our USP's relate to...

Benefits of ITDA Include:

benefitsMore Dive Theory

More Training Dives / More Skills and Assessments

The choice of training options (Self-Study / Classroom Led / On-line) and Materials as e-books / USB Drive / Online etc.etc.

Higher Standards - Credit for previous experience levels

 A Wider Range of Advanced Diving Certification levels

Clear Upgrade Paths from Entry Level to Advanced and ITDA Specialist Certifications

If you need help with sales and marketing training please contact us at HQ as we can offer a range of course modules with formal training in Sales, Marketing, Web-Development and Social-Media Marketing. email: