BLS First-Aid / Emergency Care

IHMP BLS First-Aid training and certification programs with IHMP... ITDA Instructors may also certify as IHMP "Specailist" First Aid Instructors and Trainers...

IHMP/ITDA BLS First Aid Training ProgramCPR-BLS

From First Aid and Basic Life-Support Certification to Advanced Life-Support, Rescue and EMT Training, plus Specialist Scuba, First Aid At Work, Hyperbaric and Professional First Aid Training.

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT from ITDA/IHMP is very different from most first-aid training program in that we cover: Physiology and Anatonmy and almost all possible emergency first-aid situations.

Looking for causes, prevention and first-response treatment (Pre-Hospital care)... And this program maybe used inpocket-mask additional to our AED/DEA First-Aid and Oxygen First-Aid Programs.

IIHMP have been the first aid and medical training division of ITDA Group International since 2010 and before that European Technical Diving Agency since 1998.

imageOur business philosophy has always been "be innovative, be prepared, and ALWAYS be human". We are one of the few or maybe only first aid training companies that designs, develops and supports our own programs.

When you work with IHMP you get real people who have real life experience in teaching, training and developing your skills in the practical application of first aid and emergency care.

Whether you need help deciding which training program will work best for your needs, have a question about one of our products, or just want to make sure we really are as human as we claim...

just mail us at admin@diveitda.com

CPR First Aid and BLS

IHMP CPR First Aid Training is for anyone to learn the basic steps in life saving first aid and offers a basic certification level in First Aid using International standards and up to date techniques. See CPR First-Aid

IHMP CPR First Aid includes:

CRP  (Emergency Response Program)

Basic First Aid Skills for a general variety of Accidents and Injuries

Rescuer Risks Assessment and Safety Check

Primary Assessment

Secondary Assessment / Injury and Illness Assessments

Stage Steps to Successful CPR - Open Airway - Good Compressions and EAR (Expired Air Resuscitation)

Recovery and Handover to Emergency Personnel

Rescuer Risks Assessment and Safety Check


Who will benefit from this level of training and certification?

Anyone from any background will benefit from this program, but especially: Sports Instructors, Teachers - Dive Store Staff -  Office Staff, Resort/Hotel Staff, Divers, Divers families & friends, and Diving Professionals (any Agency) will Benefit greatly and gain confidence to deal with Diving and Non Diving Emergency Situations requiring first response / emergency care in general situations and various environments.

But whoever you are and whatever your training level and experience, BLS Training could change your chances from effecting a poor and difficult attempt to help an injured person with excessive personal risks, to a very successful one, with much less personal risk!

You Could SAVE a life...


ITDA Group International and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Standards meet and exceed in most cases all National and International Standards, Our CPR Standards follow the latest standards and reviews from the AHA (Americian Heart Association) and the EU ERC (European Resusitation Council). We also offer training, certification and registration with AREMT (Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) 

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded. 98% of our programs are pass first time...

UKRC  ITDA/IHMP (Stephen Craig-Murray) Are full members of the UKRC 854697 and also the ERC The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) is the European Interdisciplinary Council for Resuscitation Medicine and Emergency Medical Care.




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