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Extra Benefits for on-line purchase

ITDA value for money just got a whole lot better with our amazing "Divepro Plans", starting with our "BASIC" Plan tier 1. with great savings for a very low monthly cost spreading the cost over 12 months, or paying for 10 Months and saving even more money... From just $45 USD per month.

diveproDivepro Basic Plan


This unique plan was designed to make working with us easier and less expensive, it is our "Entry Level Plan" to an ITDA Divepro franchise and offers many unique benefits, see below:

Basic Plan Benefits

If you are looking simply for a easy way to work with us to offer more to your students and to experience the "ITDA System", this basic paln offers some great benefits like:

1 Instructor Registration per year
1 Diver level Certification per month (Value $25 USD) or Intro to Scuba - to Open Water Diver Levels
1 Annual Renewal at Instructor Level
Tier 1 Commission Band (This covers commission on e-materials and discounts to 15% maximum)
1. Web banner and or advert plus a listing in our monthly members newsletter and/or web blog.
e-Marketing Support
e-Mail Support (Using our CRM Systems)

Overall value of this offer is in excess of $454 USD...  Worth $300 just in certifications, $25x12 =$300 plus the Instructor registration and renewal fees, another $100+, Plus the discounts and commissions at 15% Tier 1.  If you only certified 10 Divers in a year at an average of $30 x 12 = $360 x15% = $54 Savings...  That is a total value of $454 USD...  for just $45 per month! (The cost of some agencies materials pack) Plus you get 1 web page and 1 monthly update, we drive business to YOU!

What is NOT Included?

Dive Shop / Dive Centre or Diver Training Facility annual Fees are NOT included at this level... But are avilable with the premium plan.

Upgrades are also availble to our Popular plan and our Premium plan and also options are open for a full Divepro franchise see link here!