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Professionals Registration Form

We are reducing the amount of admin required by both our professionals, training partners and our students / divers by allowing on-line forms to be completed and sent ahead of training or diving programs, Saving you time so that you can spend more time in the water having fun...


  • Pro Registration / Agreement 2021/22

  • You may use this form on-line to complete your professional registration with ITDA Group International, ITDA Europe. ITDA UK, ITDA Middle East. Plus ITDA Americas, Caribbean and Canada. And ITDA Asia S.E. also ITDA Asia Pacific. ITDA Instructors may also use this form for Dive Leaders.... and IHMP Instructors. And Pro Membership

    ITDA Group Instructor License Agreement (Annual) Terms & Conditions. Information and personal data may be shared with ITDA Group Regional Offices but remain highly confidential and will not be sold or passed to third parties without prior consent, GDPR Regulations apply.

  • Agreement Paragraph 1

  • 1. Please check the box you agree to our terms and conditions for this section of our agreement. * Yes, I agree. No I disagree I am not sure / do not understand.

  • Agreement Paragraph 2.

  • 2. The International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe UK/EU) - ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. (HK) and Stephen J. Craig-Murray, known collectively as the ITDA EU or ITDA Group International. Do hereby own the legal trademarks and copyrights, now and in the future for all IHMP and ITDA training materials, logos, graphics, and marketing products including branded goods, chattels and clothing. All rights are reserved and limited rights of use maybe conferred/granted by this license. Any unauthorised use will be subject to International legal action for recovery, all damage and recovery costs will be paid by the party or parties as found responsible for any copyright infringements.

  • Agreement Paragraph 3

  • 3. Any use of ITDA Group International or IHMP Medical trademarks or materials must be in accordance with this agreement and use on printed materials and web sites is permitted only by our current Pro Members.

  • Agreement Paragraph 4

  • 4. The ITDA Group undertake to provide you with this license to use the ITDA logos, trademarks and training materials to promote / ITDA / IHMP Training Programs, and to represent yourself / business as an ITDA Group or IHMP Affiliate / Associate partner to further the interests of the ITDA Group & IHMP.

  • Agreement Paragraph 5.

  • 5. The License is limited to pre-printed materials, e-books, DVD's, USB Straps and USB Media, web media and you are NOT permitted to make changes or adjustments of any kind or at any time. Without the express written permission of the ITDA Group regional office. This includes the use of the ITDA logo on printed and other materials, web sites and E-marketing.

  • Agreement Paragraph 6

  • 6. This license is automatically valid on signing the instructor agreement / contract and is legally binding. Renewals are NOT Automatic. (by application Only, Registration annually) or Electronic forms.

  • Agreement Paragraph 7.

  • 7. Renewal is subject to this contract its terms and conditions and the annual renewal fee for ITDA Group International Pro Membership. Plus the Instructor Renewal fees payable as applicable according to your status. For Renewal discount, you MUST meet with the current terms: See www.diveitda.com/admin_renewals.htm Basic Professional body fees are now included in the renewal. The amount payable for this period maybe notified by Email to: admin@diveitda.org Payments are required within 30 days of renewal date or by the latest 31st. Jan. Year following. Payments maybe made on-line using our on line services page or by card using our paypal system. (pay@diveitda.com)

  • Agreement Paragraph 8.

  • 8. Full agreement to teach all provided programs for your level and to use only the ITDA Group materials for those programs. Except with the written permission of an ITDA Regional Office.

  • Agreement Paragraph 9.

  • 9. I will follow the procedures as written in the ITDA Group Standards Manual. And follow standards as set out in the ITDA Instructor Guide/Manual. In accordance with local laws and diving regulations.

  • Agreement Paragraph 10.

  • 10. It is totally understood that Teaching Diving has risks above and beyond those of other Sports, and I am aware of the danger to both student and Instructor. I the undersigned will not hold the ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. or IHMP Medical, or International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe. Responsible in any way, or form, for legal liability arising from actions, teaching ITDA Group Diving Programs using ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. materials, (Especially decompression diving, Technical Diving or Hyperbaric Operations) or for any other accidents however occurred.

  • Agreement Paragraph 11.

  • 11. The stress and additional training requirements particularly with deep diving, and decompression dives. Requires that both student and instructor require a level of physical fitness and health, not normally associated with sports scuba diving. It is Your responsibility as the ITDA Instructor to ensure that both yourself and your students are fit enough to complete diver training at this level. Furthermore it is the responsibility of the ITDA Group Instructor to ensure that students enrolling in ITDA Group Course Programs have the appropriate experience and physical condition. It is YOUR duty to refuse students not fit or incapable of SAFELY completing training or meeting our standards.

  • Agreement Paragraph 12.

  • 12. I accept that from time to time my students will receive question forms regarding the training they have undertaken with me and or may make confidential comments on our web site (ITDA Group HQ and Regional Offices, Only will have access to this information). I am aware of the complaints procedure as outlined in the ITDA Group Instructor guide/manual & Standards & Procedures Manual (The Laws of the United Kingdom. International Law, European and USA Law apply.) I will agree to abide by any decisions made by the ITDA Group International Membership board to revoke or suspend my membership. This does not affect my statutory rights under local or National laws.

  • Agreement Paragraph 13.

  • 13. No complaints or issues arising out of business competition against other ITDA Group Members, staff or Regional Offices will be acceptable. Nor will making false statements or allegations against our competition or generally bringing the ITDA Group or the Diving Industry into disrepute.

  • Agreement Paragraph 14.

  • 14. However any and all observations of unprofessional conduct, or dangerous practices / standards violations will be investigated by an ITDA Group International Regional Manager, ITDA Group HQ Staff or local ITDA Group Assessor Examiner(s) or / nominated ITDA Group Trainer(s).

  • Agreement Paragraph 15.

  • 15. If members are found to be proven of misconduct then a hearing board will be called and the member suspended from teaching status until cleared / reinstated or Expelled from membership. Members will be offered every opportunity to defend themselves.

  • Agreement Paragraph 16..

  • 16. The ITDA Group International Marketing division may from time to time inquire as to my marketing / sales of ITDA Group programs. I agree to furnish / supply information as required to further / promote ITDA Group Activities in my area / region. Also the ITDA Group marketing team may be used as a resource to promote events / activities and web promotions.

  • Agreement Paragraph 17.

  • 17. I agree to pay the annual renewal fee as set by my regional office or ITDA Group International HQ for the period or accept the FREE TERMS to certify a minimum of 25 Students, applicable to obtain discounts and to pay in full and on time my Membership fees for 12 months (If TERMS are NOT Met) Which will be valid from receipt of cleared funds to the regional office or ITDA Group International HQ. The Professional Basic Membership fee is included in the annual membership fee.

  • Payment or Terms acceptance

  • Your agreement in the checked boxes for each section, signify that you are in agreement with these terms and conditions and with the general terms and condition of ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. Trading policies. If boxes are not checked renewal will be delayed...

    As we require compliance with our terms and conditions for renewal processing. Thank You.

  • Renewals

  • Future renewal notices will not be sent prior to the renewal date, by Email or Post, in order to receive renewals by the due date or to maintain teaching status (Which maybe revoked if renewals are late or not made.) You should contact us by Email at: admin@diveitda.com or Complete the next period online renewal form available from our web site at: www.diveitda.com