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about Our Materials

ITDA materials come with an E-Manual/Workbook and as a Bonus, also with the Flash/HTML Presentations of the training and certification program... These "OFFERS" therefore represent really good VALUE for MONEY... New in 2018 Combined e-materials and Certification.

About Our Materials

 ITDA training materials now are available as .PDF e-books, HTML5 and Flash Formats, as instant downloads, plus our unique USB Flash Drives. Our flash drive USB products are great value for money as the 4Gb dives include: e-books, a log book, dive tables and bonus materials, presentations and links.

Unique Combination

learn-scubaWe are now including in our e-materials price, the certification fee as well, as a combination deal. Saving our members time and money.  See ITDA Catalog page here!

Our other materials choices may also include e-certificationadvanced and FREE access to the Deepblu App. To register your ITDA Certification and use your FREE log book which can be shared using social media...

Our top selling materials products as instant download with payhip...

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